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"Avoid NCH. Bugs in your version won't be fixed you gotta BUY it AGAIN "

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I've put up with Wavepad 4.59 for a long time. It saves as mp2 NOT mp3. I bought the MASTER edition BUT if I want it fixed I MUST BUY AN UPDATE. NCH really treat their customers in the worst fashion I have come across. Unreachable, bug ridden products & complex ONE TIME registration (don't change your hard drive). Massive misinformation on all their 'info' pages. You don't matter just send money. No more NCH products, avoid wasting money and lots of time.

  • Says it saves an mp3 as an mp3
  • Saves ONLY as an mp2 not an MP3.
  • No more NCH products, charging YOU to fix their bugs?
  • What company has 30 errors over 3 software versions AND then charges you FULL PRICE AGAIN (or close to full) to fix the errors in a newer version? And this is AFTER they SOLD you the PRODUCT with these features ADVERTISED AS WORKING in the first place?

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15 May 2012

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