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"A really good free sound editor!"

I am an elderly non-techy grandma, and it is becoming more and more difficult for me to learn and use new programs these days. WavePad software is exceptionally easy to use, and the free version did everything I needed it to do. I took on the job to write/direct/produce a 12 minute club skit for a competition, with no budget for studio time. I needed a Windows 7 compatible editing tool to customize our music. With the WavePad software, I did the job like an expert! The end product sounds professionally done, and the process was not at all intimidating. I am very pleased, and my club is in awe of my accomplishment. I'm not telling them how easy it was! One ps, the download somehow killed my wireless router, and I had to re-install the router. Thank goodness for the "install wizard!" An unexpected issue, but easily fixed.

  • Easy to use, free version very complete, lots of great extras, such as the cd express burn tool, the file converter, and audio mixer, and the
  • express rip. Everything at my fingertips with one download. WOW!
  • Killed my wireless router, not functional directly after download. Co-incidince?

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13 Feb 2011

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