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Help & Info about WavePad Audio Editing Software for windows

  • What is Wavepad?

    Wavepad is special audio editing software that has been designed especially for professional music and audio editing. The software comes packed with useful features that include the ability to both record and edit music as well as vocals and other types of audio recordings and edit them with ease.
  • Does Wavepad Work on the Mac?

    A version of the music editing programme has been created especially for for Mac OS X and has a reputation for speed and reliability. Mac users will find that they are treated to the same large collection of audio recording and editing features that are available to Windows users.
  • Is Wavepad Free?

    The standard version of the software is completely free to download and use. However, it should be noted that the free version comes with limited features and professional music makers who find that they need more tools can either choose to pay a fee for the Standard Edition or the Master’s Edition.
  • How do you Fade Out on WavePad?

    In order to fade out a track, simply click to highlight the desired area of the trade and then click on Fade in the Effects tab toolbar. Select Fade Out from the dropdown menu and click once again to confirm the selection and apply it to the track. How Can You Record a File with Wavepad
  • Can You Record using Wavepad and Listen at the Same Time?

    This is technically possible with the programme, although it depends on the drivers of the sound device that is being used. In order to enable inputs, simply go to the Windows Control Panel and launch the sound device control panel.
  • Can You Save a Loop on WavePad?

    Saving a loop is easy and can be done as many times as desired. Users need to select and highlight the entire audio file by pressing Ctrl+A and then go to the Edit Tab Toolbar and click on the Repeat Loop button, remembering to enter the number of times the track needs to be repeated.
  • Can Wavepad Convert Files?

    The programme can be used to convert a wide range of different types of files to the desired format. Simply open the file, click on the File dropdown menu and then select Save File As. Choose the desired file format and click on save to complete the process.
  • Does Wavepad Work on 64-bit Computers?

    The software has been designed to work smoothly and efficiently on all 64-bit versions of Windows including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista computer. People who find that they have trouble running the programme for any reason will find a full range of troubleshooting options on the company’s website.
  • Can I Email Tracks Created with Wavepad?

    Users who have created a track that they wish to share have the ability to send their track to other people via email. There is no need to open an email browser separately, as users simply need to right click on the file they wish to send, select email from the dropdown menu and then enter the recipient’s email address in the box that appears.


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